How to Open Terminal at Finder Location Real Fast

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2 min readMay 30, 2021


Want to open a new terminal window at you current finder location?

cba’ to cd?

Want to use ‘control + option + shift + t (or a shortcut of your choice)?

‘control + option + shift + t instead’ logos

instead of:

cd /Users/timapple/Desktop/'New Folder'/'This is a Deep Folder'

Let’s find out how to set this up as a keyboard shortcut & option in the finder/services drop down so that you can open terminal at location real fast.

top menu finder/services ‘new terminal at folder’ highlighted
you may not see this by default, if so don’t worry this guide will teach you how to enable it.

To change this, follow the video/steps below:

sped up 4x for 2021 attention span
  1. Open up spotlight search with CMD + Enter
  2. Start typing ‘Keyboard’ and select once it appears
  3. Navigate to ‘Shortcuts’, then look for ‘Services
  4. Then under ‘Files and Folders’ ensure ‘New Terminal at Folder’ is ticked (without this it will not show in the Finder/Services drop down)
  5. Select ‘New Terminal at Folder’ click ‘Add Shortcut’ and press the desired key combination. I used the following:
  6. If successfully assigned you should now be able to see they symbols in the keyboard preferences
‘control + option + shift + t’ symbols

You can also see that this has taken effect by opening finder and then navigating to ‘Finder/Services’ in the menu bar.

top menu finder/services ‘new terminal at folder’ highlighted with ‘control + option + shift + t’ shortcut symbols showing
if you forget the keyboard shortcut this is a quick and easy way to remind yourself.

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